God and Science Symposium this Friday 6:30pm

GOD and science

GOD AND SCIENCE: A discussion into the conflict or harmony of God and Science.

Biographies of the speakers:
Xiaoxin Luke Chen, MD, PhD is a full professor at the North Carolina Central University and an adjunct professor at UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine. He received medical training in Beijing, China and PhD training at Rutgers University. Twenty years ago when he was a graduate student, Luke walked out of the shadow of atheism and became a follower of Jesus Christ. In science, he developed a productive career, but in Christ he finds grace and peace.

Pastor David J. Marini is the Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Chapel Hill, NC. Pastor David began his career as an attorney specializing in intellectual property rights and software protection. From law he moved into business management and served for many years as a senior executive for several technology companies. His last corporate post was as Chief Operating Officer of Global Knowledge, Inc, a world leader in on-line and classroom based IT training. In 2003 the Lord placed a calling on his life to enter full time ministry. Late in that year he planted Calvary Chapel with his wife Michele. He holds a B.A. with honors from St. John Fisher College and a Juris Doctor degree from the Albany Law School of Union University.

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