We hope you have had a great summer and are excited to return back to Chapel Hill for another great semester!  International Friends and other local Christian ministries and churches are partnering together in a new effort to better help new international students make the transition to life in America.  We know that your first week in the US is when you have the greatest needs–getting a ride to Chapel Hill from RDU, getting a ride to the grocery store or Walmart to get your necessities, and even getting furniture for your place here.

“First Week in US” is an effort of local church volunteers to welcome incoming international students during their first week in the US in hopes of making the transition to life in the US smooth and enjoyable. Church volunteers and new international students will be matched through a website ( for furniture donation/delivery or a ride offer for grocery shopping. (It is similar to Craigslist, but it is only for international students and approved church volunteers).  “First Week in US” will be easy and effective way for helping and serving new arriving international students at UNC.

You can log onto the website and go to the FAQ section and watch a short tutorial video for international students to help explain to you how the site works.  Then you can make a request about a ride or piece of furniture you need, or you can contact one of the volunteers who are listed.  More volunteers will continue to be listed in the upcoming weeks.

While we may not be able to meet all of your requests (we can only do as many as we get local volunteers for and so cannot guarantee our help in every case), we hope to meet many of them and help make your transition a little bit easier.  If you have friends who will coming to America for the first time to UNC, Duke or NC State, please tell them about the website.

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