Fri Night Dinner, Jan 13, 6pm, Learn about Black History

Welcome back to a new semester! We hope you all had a great holiday and are refreshed for the New Year. We’ve missed you! But we wanted to let you know about our first Friday Night Dinner of the year, this Friday, Jan 13 at 6pm in the School of Public Health. We will be providing a free meal of lasagna, bread and salad.

As you may know, Monday Jan 16 is a national holiday when we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, an African American who was very influential in fighting for justice for black people during America’s civil rights movement. We will have a special guest speaker with us, Fred Williams who works with an African American Christian ministry in Raleigh. He vividly remembers Dr Martin Luther King and was profoundly impacted by him growing up in segregated NC where black people did not have the same rights as white people. He will share about his experience during this time, about Dr King, and about why racial reconciliation is important for all of us now, no matter what country we live in. We hope you will join us to learn about this important aspect of American society.

We will also have our usual coffee house with desserts, coffee and tea, so it’s a great place to make new friends! The Hooker Building is located near the Health Science Library on South Columbia St. See it on the map here.

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