Thanksgiving Dinner, Fri, Nov 11, 6:30pm!

You are invited to the International Friends Thanksgiving Dinner Party! It will be Friday Nov 11 at 6:30pm in the School of Public Health Atrium (Hooker Building). The Hooker Building is located near the Health Science Library on South Columbia St. See it on the map here.

Several local churches will be providing all the traditional foods: turkey, graving, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, salad, bread, and of course lots of pumpkin pie! it will be a delicious feast and a chance to learn about this famous American holiday!

To know how much food to prepare, we need you to RSVP!  Please click this link and tell us how many people in your group will be attending the party (include spouses, children, friends, etc).  Only one person per group needs to respond for everyone:

After the meal we will have a short play put on by other international students about the origin of the Thanksgiving holiday, and then we will have dance lessons! We will be learning a traditional American folk dance called the Gallop Qaudrille (think Pride and Prejudice kind of dancing, you can see it here).  No dancing experience necessary, it will be fun for all of us to learn this old folk dance together! We hope you can join us!


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