Free Int’l student/scholar dinner on Friday & Int’l Women’s Christmas Cookie Decorating Party on Saturday!

Friday Night Dinner and Christmas Party!
Friday, December 3, 6pm, School of Public Health Atrium
Come join us for a free meal and yummy Christmas desserts in the Atrium (see map here)!  We will share about the first Christmas story and the spiritual significance of this, and then have a Christmas card decorating party!  We’ll have all the supplies, as well as Christmas music and apple cider.  Come join us and take a break before exams!

Women’s Christmas Cookie Bake
Saturday Dec 4 from 3-5pm at the Chapel of the Cross

This is an event for any international women–wives, students or scholars–please join us at the Chapel of the Cross (304 East Franklin St —see map here) for a Christmas Cookie Baking party!  Baking and decorating Christmas cookies is a popular American holiday tradition, so come learn how it’s done and meet other international and American women.  This is the first meeting of the International Women’s Cooking Club, which will meet regularly next semester.  Hope you will join us!

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