Easter Egg Hunt! Saturday, April 3rd, 3pm

Hi there friends!  You may have heard that Sunday, April 4 is Easter.  Easter is a major holiday in America.  You may have heard about common traditions, like Easter egg hunts (children search for hidden plastic eggs that are filled with candy), Chocolate bunnies to eat, the Easter bunny (a mythical bunny that visits children on Easter day and leaves them baskets full of candy), etc.  Easter is always a festive time of year, and we would like to invite you to celebrate with us!

International Friends is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 3rd, at 3pm at the Battle House on campus (big white house on Battle Ln,click here for directions).  We will begin with the egg hunt where you can race to find hidden eggs filled with candy.  Then we will have some delicious snacks and watch a short foreign film together.  This 20-minute Croatian film helps to explain the true meaning of the Easter holiday (the death and resurrection of Jesus), and we will explain the origins of why we celebrate this day.  We hope you can join us, this will be a great time to make friends, have fun, and enjoy this beautiful spring weather!  Families and children are welcome!

What else do people do for Easter, you might wonder?  The Friday before Easter is called Good Friday.  This is the day that Christians remember the death of Jesus on the cross.  Easter (3 days later) is the day that Christians celebrate Jesus’ raising from the dead.  Christians will celebrate by going to a special church service on Sunday that is usually very joyful, festive, and a time of celebration.  If you have ever wanted to visit an American church service, this is one of the most popular times to do that.  International Friends would love to invite you to experience an American church service with us, so if you are interested, we can provide that opportunity for you. Just email Kate.Hagborg@gmail.com to set that up.

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