Easter Weekend

easter_full1Hey everyone!  Spring is in the air, and that means that it’s almost time for Easter!  Easter is a major American holiday.  You may be familiar with some special Easter traditions that Americans practice–egg hunts for children, baskets of candy left by the Easter Bunny on Sunday morning, dying hardboiled eggs with many colors, big family gatherings with lots of food, and also going to church.  Christmas and Easter are two days that many Americans will attend a special church service, even if they do not usually attend church throughout the year.  Easter church services are special because they focus on the death and resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ.  This holiday is actually the origin of the Christian faith.  

Attending an Easter service can be a great way to learn more about Christianity or American culture.  This is a holiday of great celebration for Christians, so services are usually lively with singing and great joy.  We’d love to give you a ride to a local church with other UNC students if you would like to experience this first-hand.  Easter is Sunday, April 12.  If you would like a ride to a church service, please email Kate at Kate.Hagborg@gmail.com and she will arrange this for you.  Thanks!

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